From Seed, to Bottle, to You.

Your All Natural, All Raw, 100% fully fresh cold pressed juice is made completely in-house on our own farm!
Most ingredients are planted, grown, and hand picked on-site for your Juice. Your raw produce is then high-care cleaned, hand prepared and hydraulically pressed under metric tons of pressure, at controlled temperatures of under 3℃, in strictly regulated hygienic conditions – all this, to extract and retain the absolute maximum nutrient content possible for your juice!

We use Industry leading Cold Pressed Technology to deliver you superior nutrition, consistency, freshness and flavour…. Direct – From Seed, To Bottle, To You.

What makes Cold Pressed superior?

Traditional juicing methods such as centrifugal juicers and blenders create friction & heat through spinning blades, this essentially ‘cooks’ the juice. This heat destroys many of the sensitive enzymes in your juice, degrading both the nutritional value and taste whilst leaving sediment and froth in the consistency.

Cold Pressing means that your fresh produce has been pressed under metric tons of pressure – extracting maximum nutrients – at controlled temperatures to ensure that absolutely no heat is generated in any part of the production process.


Our Core Brand Values


Just under 1 kg of fresh, raw produce per 330 ml bottle!
Seed is a living juice – Packed with live enzymes, minerals and micronutrients. Its a convenient way to introduce a super healthy fruit and vegetable rich diet into your daily lifetsyle, in quantities that would be almost impossible to consume otherwise!

Fresh & Raw

Fresh,hand picked produce kept Raw – From Seed to Bottle to You!
We never compromise our juices! – No heat in production, No preservatives, No added sugars, No colourants, No flash freezing, No pasteurisation.

Product of
South Africa

We’re all about keeping it in-house & Local!
Proudly, most of our ingredients are planted,grown, hand picked & high care cleaned in-house on our farm – From Seed to Bottle. Any raw produce not grown in-house is locally grown and sourced.

Shelf Life

Made Fresh Daily! Consume within 21 days, drink immediately once opened.
100% Fresh and Raw


We filter our juices twice!
Cold pressed Juice has a naturally froth-free, silky smooth consistency with zero pulp and sediment. We double filter just to make sure!


Superior Health shouldn’t mean average in taste!
Our juices are creatively blended to deliver delicious flavour profiles.


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